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David and Nancy McMullen are the parents of Deffy. They are 60 and 57 years old respectively. David was born in Hollywood and lived in California for a significant portion of his life. Nancy resided on the east coast. They met at SUNY College in New York.

David enjoys running and playing the stock market. Nancy enjoys arts and crafts as well as reading.


🔇Deffy Pyah Urz was born in Derry, New Hampshire on June 10th, 1992 at Parkland Medical Center at 5:46 PM.

He was born ahead of time and weighed 9000lbs.

His birth name was Tyler James McMullen.


Chris McMullen is 3 years older than Deffy. He is married to his wife named Jacqui. The two have a child barely over a year old.

Haley McMullen is 3 years younger than Deffy. She is currently residing in Arizona where she is doing school work prior to attempting to get into med school for the 2nd time.

Ryan McMullen died of brain cancer when Tyler was 2 years old. This occurrence caused a major rift in the way life played out ever since due to financial and social components.


(Nanny) Lazaro died roughly 6 years go.

She was a family-focused mother.

David McMullen died about a 1 year ago.

He loved God and knew a lot about programming.


  Ðeffy's parents found Tyler to be a rather shy individual but also noticed he had moments of extreme hyperactivity when in spaces he felt more comfortable in. As soon his dad bought the first family computer he became 'overly' obsessed with playing video games and chatting with folks on AIM to the later point of his parents installing software that limited him. That didn't turn out well for either party... thankfully his parents gave up at attempting to prohibit the inevitable lifetime addiction.


  Ðeffy grew up in a somewhat (not very) religious household. The family frequented a local Baptist church most Sundays as well as during the summer for Vacation Bible School up until around the age of 13. Ðeffy no longer considers himself as a firm believer in God and has since labeled himself as an Agnostic Atheist -- basically needing proof of there being anything greater than what we know as a society or as humans in general.

Primary School

 Ðeffy started school at Hampstead Central School then went to Hampstead Middle School. Despite his 134 IQ he was briefly placed in special education to assist him with his "Sh" sound and received a tad more help after that. He placed 2nd in a schoolwide spelling bee (misspelled "siege"). He received High Honors during the entirety of this portion of his schooling.

 He then went to High School at Pinkerton Academy where he joined ROTC and the drill team for a couple years. Ðeffy's favorite electives included desktop publishing, visual basics, and PC Hardware and Networking class. Ðeffy excelled in math but didn't do so well in Geometry. He did not take any AP level courses.


 Tyler dabbled in a wide variety of sports, trying out almost all the sports that he could with slight consideration that he (had/has) a heart condition from a minor case of Marfan's Syndrome. Sports that were played included: T-ball, traveling soccer, basketball, and attempted to giving tennis a go.

  Ðeffy has been working since he was 16 years old although with some odds gaps here and there. Ðeffy's first job was working at a local amusement park named Canobie Lake Park. There he worked in catering where companies came in to be served food en masse. He met a number of people, none of whom remain his friend to this day. Somehow he gained the


 Later in life, Ðeffy picked up a other, "different", sports... namely Paintball and Road Cycling.

No sport that Ðeffy has ever played has remained a high priority in his lifestyle.

name "fruit cup" by some random coworker and it eventually led to some silly drama.

He later started helping in food cards doing things like scooping slush or serving dippin' dots. As later years went on he worked in food stands and did such a great job he received Employee of the Year in 2008 for his constant hard work.

  Ðeffy needed to find a job to work during the school season when the park was no longer open, so he began work in retail as an Easy Tech associate at Staples. Protection plans quickly became the focus, same with building a big basket full of stuff and occasionally assembling a chair. He learned how to better his sales techniques as well as (perhaps more importantly) finding the best ways to spend time on his phone without being caught. After a while of working there, a coworker lead him onto smoking legal spice and then not too long after: weed.

  Ðeffy returned to Canobie Lake Park but this time as a Rides employee. He ran a number of different rides within the Group 5 section as well as some others. Due to having great customer service and an above-average ability to pump up a ride he received a promotion to the Rides Leader. Regardless he finished the year only to come back a couple years later, in the same group, but as a normal employee.

  He had some 'insignificant' in-between jobs such as working for two different pizza delivery jobs. He spent a month at T Bones as a sauté cook (fired), for a few months worked at Five Guys (fired), and a few days at Best Buy (hospitalized).

 The last job he had he was also fired from... that being Rite Aid. Reason? For streaming himself handing out legal drugs to people in his city, even though none was actually caught on camera.


  Ðeffy studied Computer Science at UNH. He roomed with someone that wishes not to be named or shown, the same goes for his girlfriend at the time. Ðeffy kept mostly to himself and played video games all the way to the point where he failed out of school.

 He gave schooling two additional attempts. First at Northern Essex Community College for Accounting then a year or so later to ITT Tech for Networking. Both ended up being a terrible fit and therefore a significant waste of time and money. Ðeffy has since stated that he wished he never went to college at all. Currently, he has no ongoing plans to attend college ever again.

Ðeffy's family is related to Eddie Rickenbacker, a WW Fighter Ace that received the Medal of Honor, through his Grandpa's mom's uncle's relative. He was known to be the most successful fighter ace in the entire war.



Elsa🐕, Rudy🐕, July🐕, hamsters, fish, worms, Fred (frog), Milly🐕, Maggie🐕, Cassie🐕, Tucker🐕, 3 rats, Macey🐕, Chickens (Poppy, Goldy, Demeter, Silvy,++)🐔, Zoey🐦, Toby🐕, Mr. Murphy🐕, Darcy🐕, Dudley🐕, Piper🐕, Muymuy🐦, Felix🐈, Hyde🐈, Myn🐈

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