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   Ðeffy is currently in a open, polyamorous relationship with a 57 year old man named Clarence. He goes by Ŋibi when it comes to streaming. They have been together coming close to a year. They enjoy playing a playing card game called Super Cuttle. Learn more about him on a separate page here.

  Ðeffy labels himself as being a pansexual as of a few years ago. Formerly he was bisexual (before that, straight) for a brief period until he "discovered" a cooler, more hip way of describing his sexuality (think Miley Cyrus or Deadpool). While pansexual, Ðeffy is notable not very gay in the bed but still has sex more often with guys than girls (not by immediate choice).

(Previous) Relationships

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Jimmy sometimes known as Rindang met Ðeffy by --; they have been friends since almost immediately after Ðeffy got out of his last major  hospitalizations  Jimmy (somewhat) quickly introduced him to his online friends (Neurion, Earl, cei) but not without continuously bullying him albeit in a (most of the time) joking manner. Together they would play World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Paladins, Hereos of the Storm, Diablo 3, and other variety games together. Jimmy is gay to the point that the two would have late night camera-enabled talks together where in one case Jimmy sang a song that Ðeffy recorded which made Jimmy unhappy with Ðeffy. Still, Ðeffy produced a private pornographic video for Jimmy's eyes only on the internet somewhere. The two remain in contact but it's lately been with a copious amount of time between interaction however sometimes they are in short spurts.

Emma met Ðeffy on                          . She was studying at the time. Ðeffy recalls her showing him a

drawing (of a wolf?) she made. She was currently living in a dorm room somewhere in New York (roughly a 6 hour drive from NH). They talked for about a week until they came to the notion for Ðeffy to stay a weekend. Soon after arriving they ate chicken with hot sauce. While there he met some of her friends and together, minus Ðeffy, they tripped on a legal drug called 4-ACO-DMT. Besides that there was some unknown problem with penetration happening so they settled for a nice hand job with the tits out instead Cx. Ðeffy left behind a body pillow, and the rest of the drugs.

  Chelle is a streamer on Twitch. Ðeffy came across her when she was talking about drugs when her username had the word "pills" in it while she was playing the game Life is Strange. Not too long later they took it to Skype and then soon after to texts. An effort was made to make it a long distance relationships and plans were attempted to be created to have the two meet up at some point in the near future.

  Before that could come to be there was a freak happening -- some random (normie) said in his chat they he literally lived in the same city as Ðeffy... and it turned out to be true. At that time Ðeffy had a female friend over. It didn't take much time for the now three people to come to the consensus that a threesome would be an awesome idea. Despite not being incredibly awesome, Chelle found out through Ðeffy and basically lost it because she felt cheated on despite it only being a week or two. It ended there.

  Ðeffy met Alex on                         at the beginning of 2017. They txted briefly online and then met up soon after in person at Ðeffy's apartment. During this initial meetup Alex brought his gun and full-body restrained Ðeffy to his bed. Later the role was reversed and Alex was given nootropics. Tatertots entered the picture. He then introduced Ðeffy to a local social club which opened many doors for him in his life and lead to more relationships. As weeks passed they they experienced intimate moments together and even some firsts but the understanding of each other's life and personality became more and more distant. Another man came into the picture which seemingly made Alex stand back. The two never officially closed things off and they're still in touch but not nearly as much as when they first started.

  Ðeffy also met Michael on

They quickly hit it off and

started to hang out in person. Michael is a programmer and an avid fan of Warcraft 3 or WC3. The two spent the night together on one occasion where neither of them were to climax, however it was such a great time. Ðeffy introduced Michael to the local social club he was now a member of thanks to Alex's help. He then became a member (both pictures are from that place). Michael is one of the very few people on this page that Ðeffy is somewhat in contact with and messages/sees closer to the norm, but still not very often.

  One summer afternoon Ðeffy was operating the Psychodrome at Canobie Lake Park. It was a normal day -- until finally Sam appeared. Immediately she caught his interest. He later noticed her reappearing on the ride and he came to the conclusion that she and her female friend were there for him... not the ride.. after the 3rd time it was evident to him that she coulda been there for him. After the ride ended and he was letting them off he threw a note containing his phone number. Not too long later he was receiving texts from both girls since he didn't make it clear which he was more interested in. After finding out who was who, Sam invited Ðeffy to a

  Ðeffy is somewhat unsure as to how exactly he met Mateusz but they believe it was through League of Legends. They hit it off right away (#nohomo) right bbcakes? ;) Ðeffy not too long later traveled to New Jersey to see him and his two brothers on two separate occasions. He enlightened them on the power of Vyvanse after which the sought it out for themselves. On the second trip Mateusz and Ðeffy went to Six Flags with his parents. They spent the night together in a motel, in the same bed ;) (again, #nohomo). Mateusz plans on driving up this time to see Ðeffy this summer to stream and have him see New Hampshire for the first time.

game of manhunt. Possibly a week later he was invited over... just him and her. Ðeffy got cucked... actually, he cucked himself. Tyler was legit a beta. They never spoke again (ok just very little).

  Jenna met Ðeffy during one of his hospitalizations. She met up with him when they left to hang and then one time after to go to a festival. She bought him a circular shaped rock (that looks like Jupiter) as an early birthday present. Even though Ðeffy made attempts to reach out to her again they never found the time to see each other again.

  Cassidy met Ðeffy (and Caleb) one afternoon at the social club. Sometime later she requested to be picked up at a nearby restaurant because she needed a ride. Before going back they went into the woods by a stream. There she took off her shirt and layed there topless. It soon became clear to Ðeffy that she was in financial distress... and worse, she had a horrible type of drug addiction. But that didn't stop Ðeffy from having sex with her a few times. Together they planned on doing a                                     stream however she flaked and stopped talking to him, probably for the best.

       Cherry is a World of Warcraft enthusiast that is a borderline genius (read: really really good grades aka smart). They met playing WoW during an RBGs group. Cherry and Ðeffy interacted a number of times but unfortunately it was deemed rather impossible to carry out a relationship due to the extreme distance between the two but the two still remain online friends (despite not talking much).

  Evelyn is someone Ðeffy met while at TwitchCon 2017. They quickly vibed and began walking around together and meeting up together the days following. She was his right hand during his stay in California and was around for all the big moments Ðeffy was apart of. Their plans didn't come together the final night and the communication between the two quickly dried out but it's quite possible they meet again at TwitchCon 2018.

Ðeffy met Sarah at NHH on his 2nd visit. During their time together they would watch tv and movies together, sometimes with light touching however they almost always were yelled at for doing so. There isn't a whole lot to say -- there was some moderate attraction which led to them meeting up for "fun" after their stay. The situation that night was quite strange because Ðeffy received a fake drug (it was believed to be flour) in which he foolishly snorted multiple times in an attempt to get high. It was supposed to be MXE which would have made zero sense to have done in a sexual encounter but Tyler was more of an idiot back then. They did the did and never really spoke to each other after then.

Maria was/is a wild animal. At NHH she would rip paintings off walls, knock over bookshelves, get physical with staff and more which almost always wound up getting a "code gray" called on her meaning staff would put her in a room and completely restrain her for hours (multiple times) and keep an eye on her the entire time. Regardless she found herself attracted to Ðeffy and for whatever reason he looked/was able to see passed the crazy, possibly because they would play cards together which made him considerably happier. After they both got out they met up twice: once when her and a friend from the hospital came to visit Ðeffy and another when he went to her parent's place when she was housesitting where he got nearly blackout drunk; both times were enjoyable* (except when she farted in his face DansGame). Shoutout to Chris (Magnoidus) and Ryan S.

Brooke is yet another female that Ðeffy became friends with at the hospital. She expressed a level of attraction to Ðeffy but he didn't completely feel the same way, partly because she had a kid and had a drug problem of sorts. They still spent a lot of time together even though she didn't play games. There was one memorable moment for Ðeffy and that was when he and someone else plus Brooke were at a location of the ward where they couldn't be seen by cameras; only if staff were actively present. He recollects her sitting on his boner (with pants on ofc) and possibly reaching down for a grab. After she left she tried to keep in contact but Ðeffy sorta blew her off due to again his lack of attraction and her underlying drug problem. He doesn't recall ever seeing her after that but there were some times where she tried to reach out to him.

Candy was a very tasty older lady (think early 40's). Ðeffy doesn't quite remember why she was there. He does remember her various drug related stories especially her spiel on Xanax and stealing. She expressed great attraction to him up to the point of offering, then giving, two blowjobs to him in the privacy of her cameraless room (after timing when the guards would do their rounds to check every 15 minutes or so). Ðeffy recalls to great heights these monkaS moments and her spitting out his cum both times. In addition to her sexual favors she offered (in which he accepted) a line of Klonopin of which he never tried before. He remembers feeling somewhat off and remembers where he was and what the process felt like but now has little interest in doing said drug. Candy made a number of calls to Ðeffy after she left at a (light) attempt to get Ðeffy to move in with her. They haven't spoken in years.

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