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   Yeti, better known as Yetieater is a multiplatform streamer. He is distinguished for exercising on stream, not wearing a shirt, showing off his AR-15 and pistol, interacting with his dog named Paul, clicking his vape, and looking thoughtful in front of his standing desk. His goal is to become a millionaire by the end of

this (very) year.

GrappLr (originally Hodorgames) is a somewhat new IRL streamer that streams from Brasil but was originally from Croatia. Ðeffy discovered him on his 2nd day of streaming ever and helped him switch names (thanks to Nibi) and also provided a logo for him to use and graphic art on the free. Ðeffy very early on became a moderator however that is no longer the case since his latest twitch ban.

GrappLr most enjoys showing off his guns that he's spent a tremendous amount of time working out in the last few years or so. Besides that he makes a living through playing Poker and

trading cryptocurrencies.



Jane is a long-time lifecaster stemming back to the days. She met Ðeffy during the time she streamed on a very much unknown website called They have since met up at TwitchCon 2017. Jane primarily streams creative works of art under the IRL section and occasionally plays video games like Terraria.

OnlineX420 is a Youtube streamer that used to stream on ConnectCast (as an admin) with Ðeffy a number of years back. He's known for playing zombie shooter games and various other like DayZ. He occasionally trolls Ðeffy by suggesting for him to do absurd things immediately and then seemingly gets upset when he doesn't do anything all that entertaining.

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