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Tyler James McMullen


Ðeffy PYAH Urz

September 25, 2017


  The question I get, beyond why I changed my name to what I changed my name to, is why I changed my name at all. Well, the answer is pretty clear to myself and it kinda baffles me that people don't see it more clearly.

  Let's look at some sample names for example. Look for which have jokes or general associations with them that are negative, due to another word or potentially nowadays a meme or a person that becomes famous using that name. A semi-simple exercise to do beforehand is to do a quick search on Google (including images),, wikipedia, and name trends as well as general trend lines. Go a step further and ask your peers what they think of the name and what people come to mind that share said name.

  Let's sample some bad names and maybe a good name that's used. Here's what comes to my immediate thoughts that come to mind when I see and hear these names:


after 3-4 attempts (idr)


"I firmly believe that everybody should legally change their name at some point in their life as soon as they (re)discover who they are and what sound and/or mouth movement they wish to associate/attach them self to. It's foolish to believe that what your parents decided to name you at birth (many years ago) was and still is the best 'word" that makes u who you really are.

Btw, I'm not talking on an entire name basis... although for me it was somewhat appropriate to do so.


Change your name, to something completely unique at that. The process is not as difficult as it's made out to be. If you happen to regret it, it's only another name change away to attune."

-Ðeffy 2018

Jill - Jack and Jill. and worse, the word: ill. Not so great, imho.

Aidan - there's just so many of them. Aid is an ok word but he will always be "an-other" person.

Mike Hawk - Ahhaha. Imagine if that was actually someone's name?

Gage Z Moran - Close to a person I knew as a kid. Always got made fun of for the idea of having gauges in his ears (DansGame amirite) and Moran being so close spelling and sounding to moron. Yea. I can't imagine that being something to keep for life.

So... how did I settle on the word (yes, word) deffy and how come I wanted to name myself Deffy after creating it?

Well, let me tell you the story.

  If/when you get banned you can't exactly use the same name twice since the account gets permanently locked out (ofc). I mean sure you can just add a character like _, a1, or even xX to the name and call it a day but I'm not the kind of guy to do something unclassly like that especially after spending some time "waiting" the ban out.

  After being banned on Lodestar92 (Łodestár ... the star of loading screens) then REKTure (think getting a lecture after getting rekt... too close to Reckful anyway) then finally Loturian (a person that brings the utmost attention to the process at hand) I started to run out of ideas. Then I realized something about myself (as seen in the streaming history section) ... I absolutely love creating user interfaces aka UI's. I had a passion of doing so in World of Warcraft and I'm famous (not rly) for having over 100 addons in the game.

  What I learned at this point in my life was to do my best to break the spell of the environment you're in (sometimes physical, sometimes globally), either by creating, redesigning, sometimes pretending, and most importantly being in control of your body and more so your brain (by taking the right combination of drugs). Basically: defy all odds.

Definition, Deaf, Definitely

  Now that I settled with the name DefyUI I had to ask myself the next question... what would people actually call me? I didn't make sense to call me Defy because defy was just a word. So what did I do? I added an f. You heard me: I added an f to defy. The result? def+f+y = deffy (!!!)

  It no longer sounded as Def-eye it was now instead Def-fee. Upon this addition I went through a number of realizations about how the name worked.

    Def is an awful lot close to three verimportant words.


Can you guess them?

Click for answer

"deffy dude"

Let's break them apart one by one and discuss why they're so important (for good reason to).

Definition evolves every word into what it's known for. A word is a word but even the word, word, was created by people just like you and me. We agreed to a mouth movement that produces a sound that ultimately holds a meaning. Everybody has their own definition for a word but ultimately there is one dictionary definition that sets the ground for everybody. Btw, even memes have definitions because they too are final in size even though they're generally constructed on the internet.

Deaf  is the next word and is what I believe truly defines (haHAA) the word/name and its true power. Go ahead: think of a def... sorry.., deaf person. . . . . was it Helen Keller? see* what I did there? There's a few other notables:     My goal is to be more famous than that person and then some. Do you think I can do it? There aren't many famous deaf people in this day in age. Don't get me wrong, they do exist, just none are streamers. There is one 🔊deaf streamer you might know of: Ðeaffy. What I'm getting at is you're taught at a very early age what deaf is and its definition is very short but holds incredible power. Can you imagine being deaf? Do you want to find a cure for deaf people (or tinnitus at that)? The word deaf by itself isn't used very often but it's safe to say people don't forget it and by simply touching or looking at an ear it could trigger that thought cycle. This word plays very well into my last name, Urz (which I'll go into later).

Definitely is the last word of the trinity (besides defiant, defend, defeat, and ofc defecate) and it's definitely the most used of the bunch. I mean seriously: have you watched The Bachelor during an early episode? I lost count during multiple seasons of watching #guilty. It's come to be that when someone says this very word, after meeting me, they are in a way indirectly or subconsciously thinking of me at the time of it being said (I know there's no true way of knowing this unless asking but I feel most times people haven't/wouldn't admit to 'it').

  One of my primary goals in life, if not the utmost, is to make the following happen: to have a large population of people associate the word deffy with not just my name as a person but ​as the shortened usage of def-in-it-el-y. See or even hear how many syllables that mofo has? Deffy is just two. I'm not saying to completely rid of definitely.. more so use it when agreeing with someone who just has recently said it to make it seem like you're listening by repeating a sound s/he recently produced while also (as of now) adding this typically unused combination of syllables to form said word which in turn causes a bit of loturian confusion (read: throwing a wrench) to the person listening and causing them to get a small, but useful, dopamine rush (especially if somehow ignored).

  Now wait... you're one of those guys eh? yea: one that uses "def" instead of definitely, typically only when typing, to save some time huh. Well guess what moron!?! STOP IT AND PRESS THE SAME BUTTON TWICE THEN REACH WITH YOUR LEFT POINTER FINGER AND PRESS Y. Wow. Now people don't have to be confused with the real use of def. Think a video game. Defend. Besides when people read 'def' they're truly saying deaf which isn't very effective.

Ok time for some practice. How would you respond to this prompt?

  Now getting to the section portion of the name. The fy, pronounced fee in this case and not fai (foe fum). Well. I guess, there is a fee for being deaf, is there not? You can't do things quite like other people which is strangely relatable due to my mental disability status. Fees are often a nuisance, that much is true. They are used in exchange for a service or more so in the situation when used as a name: advice. A nice feature about the word more so in the name form is that it can be drawn out in a good sounding way as in "deffyyy~". Also it's hard to screw up saying the name as it's spelled.


If your answer is something similar to the following... you're learning and doing it right. gachiGASM

Middle Name


(warning: loud)

  Just go ahead and say it. No, not 'it'. My middle name. PYAH. How did it make you feel? Pretty good right? Now say it louder. How about as loud as you can? That's all the word really means to Twitch culture nowadays despite the sexual meaning to the right. Its legit purpose is to be a moment of high energy and to produce excitement. Pee-yaa.

  Why did I name myself after such a silly word? Well like I said it's full of energy and it's attention grabbing. When I tell people my name they find it more 'funny' (most of the time) that my middle name is Pyah (maybe because of how I say it) than how my full name sounds a lot, if not exactly, like "deaf ears".

  Truly the main reason was to "get back' at sodapoppin in a weird way. It's very much a word he created and rose to popularity (kind of what I wish to do with deffy and loture). I knew he'd eventually find out by my name change (which he did) and because so he'd seemingly have to learn more about me and reassign my identity while at the same time deal with the fact that from now on when ever he exclaims "pyah" he's indirectly thinking it's the creatures legal middle name. Pyah Chance, your move.

The Ultimate PYAH!

Last Name


  What's urz... is myn..  essentially. Urz is absolutely an extreme play on a very very common word, you guessed it, yours. It's an evolved form of the commonly typed 'urs' which saves you two letters.

  But why you ask? Well. Now, whenever someone says yours, I think of myself. At the same time, if someone knows of my last name and they have something to give it's within my opinion that I have a higher chance of receiving such an item because they'd receive a small rush when they finally say "the rest is yours" or "all yours". Even though it hasn't even been a year, my brain has begun rewiring itself based around when that word is said and tbh I think it's borderline genius. People will eventually use urz over urs in certain situations, the exact I am yet to speak on.

  It's worth noting, again in this case, that Ðeffy combined with Ʋrz sounds extremely like "deaf ears" which has a complete ring to it and can be said, even mumbled, crazy fast and it still sounds like my name.

  I do want to mention that my parents and the rest of the family (the McMullen's) were not thrilled when hearing that I was changing my name let alone my last name but they didn't try to interject and stop it from happening. I'm kinda thankful that I have an older brother that will be carrying on my former last name as time goes on.

TLDR; I wanted an extremely unique (read: original) name that still shared in sound with other words. Deffy because of an old twitch username after being forced to rename. Later discovered its multiple uses. Pyah as a ヘ( ̄ー ̄ヘ) to sodapoppin and to provide a surge of energy when sharing my name. Finally Urz as a play on urs (mostly).

Fun facts: I was going to change my last name to Jezus then later Kappa but the arrangements for the hearing were rescheduled. #nojoke


Initial Acronym

Well, without my middle name it's DU as in the meme dududududu which ain't half bad.

Also, as mentioned multiple times, my first and last name come together to sound like "deaf ears" but with my middle name it sounds instead like "deffy powers" which ain't half bad either Cx


Do Please Understand

Don't People Urinate?

Damn Pots Unreal

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