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To be loture as a person consistently makes you a loturian being.

What does that mean exactly?

Well, it's a made up word by myself so ultimately society in general will decide the fate of its definition with only some consideration of my initial input.

That being said I still designed and defined loture with an intended meaning. That being the following:

"to bring the utmost attention to the process at hand"


"one who brings the utmost attention to the procedure or ~process~ at hand, in a particularly concious manner"


What what does that mean in layman's terms?

Well... basically/essentially it as synonyms such as being considerably  coherently attentive, mindful, conscientious, vigilant, and very much a sensible (logical) kind of person.

As a (longer) paraphrase: someone that takes the time to understand his/her environmental surroundings and utilizes near the max capacity of their active brain while taking whatever they can from what s/he has learned or have come to know from their history. Often a pleb (think a poor normie) is unable to reach this state unless under great distress and even if so it would likely be in a scuffed format.

An even longer way of speaking to it is that it's: A person that has has moments of inspiring or influencing characteristics with seemingly unlimited power sobeit able to do almost anything of immediate relevance, interest, or importance owing to its relation to current events (although the notions are often not celebrated or praised). Often seen by others as simply clever or skillful in using their hands or mind therefore capable of a quick, clever reply to an insult or criticism whilst doing so in a manner with much feeling or quality. All that being said: very much an undefined although heightened sense or state of being.

Loturian people generally (but not always) have a few things in common. From most to least important . . .

  1. They do drugs. Good* drugs. Think nootropics and stimulants... not so much weed, alcohol, or any "HxC" drug. These tend to cause their brains to work 'better' but sometimes they may appear worse if they suddenly stop usage. 

  2. They play video games that require a higher level of focus and knowledge capacity. Think non-shooters with the exception of maybe  Fortnite. More so they are games like OSU!, World of Warcraft PvP, high rated League of Legends, and Fighting games such as DBZ or Super Smash Bros. From playing these games at length research has shown a higher level of activity in their brain which leads me to believe that area plays a role in the loturian state.

  3. They tend to come from (upper) middle class, mostly meaning they had a Internet connected computer at a somewhat early age and also were more likely to fed well to grow very well. There's also a higher likelihood that they came from a family that stayed together therefore were not a broken home. (further) Education has a higher potential to be obtained by such a person and generally have a higher IQ.

How did you go about "designing" the word loture? Why did you use the combination of letters that you did?

Great question! I've in my later years been fascinated with words and their associations where when I'm semi-bored I try to figure out why words sound and are said in the way that they are and make the most sense of it as I can. Sometimes I go further and do a bunch of research relating to the construction of the word and whatnot.

I wanted to be the creator of a brand new word thats meaning could be found in the layout of the word and not just have a completely made-up meaning. So let's look at loture or LOTURE or LOTurE (my favorite way of thinking about it)

Let's break apart loture letter by letter and in sections using multiple methods

Here's a sample acronym:

 L    O   T  U    R  E

12  15  20  21  18  5



Alphabet letter count:

Syllables: 2

lo, as shown above, means to draw attention to something which is a great lead to the word even though noone* uses the word by itself.

That's cool and all but I like to think of it like this:

1 0 = on~off

i o = input~output

Add on the next letter and it's suddenly lot or LOT or (sounds like) lowt or ... l0+

Lot or LOT reminds of the word: lot (a large number or amount; a great deal)

      or l0+ which brings back the o/f~i/o and puts it at a cross +

Now to add both U and  R to the formula, or 'ur' (your) -- LOTur

finally add an E to bring it to LOTurE

if you were to break apart the word and find a meaning by just seeing it one might think to "have a large amount of your energy"

or if you look at it in segments as in lo- and -ure you could assume "draw attention to the process or function" ... both which are somewhat accurate. Pyah.

What about the symbol at the very top? What does that mean and how does that related to being loturian?

Check this post:


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