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My LEGAL middle name is Pyah

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1) Jebaited on AIM by two girls that were acting as if they really liked me. They made it clear they were trolling and that I was completely lead on
2) Called Jewish people "stupid" and got suspended from school. Cried hysterically
3) Group bullied someone that many people would consider a retard and was yelled at by the Principal to the point of hysterically(!) crying, again
4) Chased my brother around the house with a plastic knife. He slammed the door on my face. Blood everywhere. Had to get the wound glued shut
5) Smoked the original K2 Summit Spice (multiple times) #holes
6) Masturbated while at work
7) Appeared on Destiny's stream of 2,000 viewers for multiple hours playing League of Legends
8) Had a manic episode induced by weed where I believed my Dad was actually God. Hospital visit #1
9) Reached Diamond 1 in League of Legends (season 3)
10) Spiked my mom's coffee with my prescription medication (Vyvanse) in the hope that she would "get on my level" and so that she would stop talking to dogs. Not long after I attempted to place a nicotine patch on her while she was sleeping in hopes of influencing her dreams. Hospital visit #2
11) Had a manic episode in the woods. Was forced out of the party by my neck. "it's its***". Had a 'discovery' about swallowing my tongue. Brought to the local hospital for assessment. Suffered from both a tube up my pee hole and some sort of IV that caused eXtreme pain
12) *cough* Drove 17 hours one-way uninvited to a streamer named sodapoppin's house in an attempt to move-in. After failing to convince him I left behind "a package" containing a stimulant and a joint of weed. Deemed "The Creature". Banned on Twitch upon returning home
13) Threw a fit that my dad wouldn't fund my wish to go to Swifty's gaming house. Spilled water(?) intentionally
14) Arrested at a Donald Trump rally the day after he announced he was running for President. "Spat on an officer". Pulled someone's Ty. Put in jail for a couple hours
15) Felt misunderstood by the world. Banned on Twitch and (later Mixer) for showing penis (not masturbating)
16) Three policemen came to my door waking me up the day after. Brought me to the local hospital. I admitted to having sex with a stuffed animal using mustard. Hospital visit #3
17) Took MXE, a research chemical dissociative that is now globally banned
18) Masturbated in the hallway of my apartment building
19) Had a female place two hands on my dick live on my stream with viewers in 2014. Didn't get banned
20) Feared the government was after me. Tazed then arrested for barricading myself in a middle-aged female's apartment after taking an assortment of nootropic drugs. "Attempted" to stream me killing myself on-stream with a knife. Brought to the state mental hospital for 3 months. No charges were pressed
21) Changed named legally from Tyler James McMullen to Deffy Pyah Urz in Sept 2017
22) Met a girl on Omegle and drove to New York to give her and her friend 4-AcO-DMT. Disappointed in the lack of sex
23) Anally fisted somebody with my entire hand
24) Full-body restrained in my apartment with computer unlocked by someone that was carrying a gun
25) Did two tabs of LSD to the point of puking non-stop with the realization of bottom right¿
26) Banned as a member of the social club I frequented
27) Got butt fucked by a former teacher then peed in his mouth. The next time later he licked my stool as I attempted to shit
28) Delivered pizza to a pervy old man that first sucked my dick then had me come back and masturbate on his bed
29) Lost job at Rite Aid for streaming myself handing away legal drugs to people in public on stream
30) Admitted to not taking medication in a conversation involving an attempt to be allowed to drive across country with the purpose of #creaturing Ice Poseidon
31) Took 3-MEO-PCP and destroyed my entire apartment leaving a permanent scar. Had a moment. Woke up in a hospital with my parents next to me... then locked up in a cell
32) Got banned by a streamer named Katerino for attempting to get close to her
33) Streamed on Plexstorm (an adult gaming platform) with my ex. Had multiple threesomes++ that peaked at around 300 viewers concurrently. Broke the servers multiple times
34) Sent a dead fish to a female chatroom owner I had a crush on then soon after was banned. Created lovelanguage, an artistic approach with symbolism to what happened which included fucking a stuffed animal bunny with mustard then proceeding to shit on an expensive painting of the two of us which was then topped off with a live fish
35) ???

... ... ...

101) Die as an old, successful variety streamer in a streamer house with sodapoppin as my bunkmate

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