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My Future

One thing is certain about my future: I will be streaming.

  Will the streaming I do be for a living? That is currently yet to be determined but certainly hoped upon and I have even banked upon in a way in my mind. Another hopeful is the ability to live in a house with streamers aka a Streamer~House of which there are not many if any on the east coast of the USA. Will I start the gaming house myself? Possibly... but quite unlikely unless something substantial happen financially otherwise it will another person's doing.

  Forget my future for right now... what do I think about the future? The next year? 3? 5? Decade? ++? Hmm...

I think it will be within a year, definitely by 2020 that people will become hyper-aware of streaming. It's already sorta happening with the Fortnite craze happening around now. I'm talking about celebrities taking to streams because they're bored of their lives level of near future. Imagine Justin Bieber taking to Twitch to do a talk show chair stream then turn into playing a few rounds of Fortnite then end it with taking a selfie stick outside in Hollywood for an irl stream. I can smell it happening within the near future but we're waiting on a catalyst -- for some celebrity ballsy enough to do it "first*". 

  Autonomous cars are within our lifetime for absolute certain pretty much. I think sex robots aren't too far out yet. Will we see iRobot level of intelligence by the time we die? Maybe, imho, but we'll be old and it'll be our kids kids developing this technology and their kids actually getting to live in a robot/android filled world with no fast food joints requiring humans to work within them. I believe we'll develop some sort of machine and/or medication that will make the action of working out a thing of the past. We might still get sore after utilizing said functions but it won't be nearly of a mentally tasking task that it is now. On the same note we will find a fat killing drug that will actually do so, powerfully.

  Before all that we're going to see an absolutely amazing classic MMORPG in the VR platform that will take the world by fucking storm. It won't be WoW we all know that, but it could very well be BLIZZARD. Think the movie coming up Ready Player One but with less of a political shitstorm in the real world. I think people will become incredibly immersed in that world and a number will end up dying IRL because they refuse to take care of themselves.

  In short... the world will be filled with Streamer~Houses. I can promise you that. Those that won't stream will either become moderators or fade out of existence. People will work less and less and technology will get better and better. I see contacts that have the ability to project a screen in your eyesight. What I'm majorly unsure about is the world powers having tension. North Korea I don't see being a major hurdle to wipe out or take over even if they have a nuke sitting in the arsenal. I'm more worried about Russia interfering with smaller European countries, China becoming even more overpopulating and looking for something to do with its sheer mass of people, and maybe Africa becoming a major warzone (more so than it actually is now). But really, what do I know SoBayed

  Now to think more about the future of streaming~

Do you know Chaturbate? If so where have you been fapping? Well I'm asking because their website's chat has a rather unique feature. You know how on Twitch there is BetterTTV with animated emotes? Scratch that (or really add to it) what will eventually happen is that major streaming platforms will introduce a (moderated) version of this idea that includes being able to upload small in size .gif files to the site to use in chat or in a separate room designed just for that. Why is this so important? Well some say pictures and maybe emotes are "worth 1000 words" but how about a .gif that tells an entire story? What happens when you play one and it's clicked (as of now) or seen at just the right moment? Well magic may not be the right word but I certainly feel it's close to it when I've send .gifs in the past a streamer opened one in front of a large audience (*cough* sodapoppin). #FGM. 

What else you say?

How about a hype bar or meter. Think being able to press space as fast as you wanted [or humanly possibly (or macro possible...)] so that the entire chat could see how lit a stream was during certain moments. It's sometimes easy to see and feel the energy now but how about a true representation of the status of the stream. Of course at first it would be heavily, heavily abused and some streamers might have a full bar at all times but I firmly believe given the right software and moderation it could really work. There is already stream experimenting with the meter functionality on his own but it's not fully implemented last I checked

More you say?

How about one of my favorite ideas

This is a mockup image mind you...

my guess is there'd be many more cursors and it wouldn't take long for unlockable cursors and gravity pulls were programmed and enabled.

The streamer would be able to do to turn on and off the overlay for the stream to see that he's actively looking at it.

With this information you can find out if your streams chat users are for example more boobs or more butt kind of people or they can choose between two ladies or two games in a much more fun and interactive way!


  Finally (it's sorta already happening) in my opinion there needs to be a higher level of usage of multiple text channels that are being read by the streamer. Twitch chat is great and all but there's also a place for the occasional paragraph of an opinion or w/e that should be read by the streamer instead of it all (most) of it being one line garbo or multi-line spam.

  Finally let's end this page with a sum up of my future ventures and may current plans on how to play things out to get to that 'point" in which I will achieve financial independence free of debt and government funds. It won't be easy ... unless someone like Amhai shows up of course .. but I feel if I keep strong and consistent and offer solid entertainment I will eventually find that form of success. It will without a doubt taking a considerable amount of networking, self-promotion, plugging, and leeching to get where I need to be but I will do just about whatever it takes to get there.

  So obviously I need to have more plans as on to how I get there. Well for once, you're reading this right now which is part of my path to get people to ... here it comes .. care about me. It's certainly a lot to ask of someone to get them to catch your streams whenever they can to to start "boost" your viewer count to be seen by others more and hopefully become an engaging interactive member of the chat and later the community. I was a viewer. For years. In multiple communities, just check streaming history. I sent the love (and some hate) to a number of streamers and was in many cases appreciated for doing so. My time as a viewer doesn't necessarily have to come to end but I want to so I can use the knowledge I gained from "the other side" back to my viewers so they can experience all that I have learned.

  My future will hopefully take the most of my past and put it to some sort of good use where people can build off what I've done and create more from it. I so desperately want to create a community of so called like-minded people that happen to grow a pointed fingernail to shower the dedication to me. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR?!?

  Beyond that I'm hoping to have kids before I'm 30. A boy and a girl, maybe one of either after would be nice. I would like for them to be up to 3 or so years apart, much like how it was for me, so they can be within 'play' distance and maybe even drive their relative to school :^) But my official wife has to be cool with me being with Clarence as well a multitude of other close relationships happening potentially where sex is involved.

  Basically I am hoping to live in a streaming house by the age of 28. I'd deffy take sooner but I'd be okay with waiting maybe another year if I absolutely have to. All I know of as of now is that I can't do much with the conditional discharge that's continuing from hospitalization #4 so there's at least another year and I think a half before I'm free from the ties of the mental prison system.

  Before I close one idea that you can see below is being able to live in a streamer RV and travel the country, well, streaming. The design I made myself a couple years back but I feel like I could do a better job nowadays with decorating the place and adding more cool features. Yes that's a hot tub floating in the background.

I will continue to add to this section (and this page) as more ideas come to mind but for now I think I explained all that I really wanted to at this time Cx

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